geeks mak lolgeeks, mak geeks *lol*

Welcome to our first contributor, jong, whose creations I’ll be posting in the coming days. Send in your own to feedback AT lolgeeks DOT com and share the lolz. Checking incoming links I see jdub likes us. As a GNOME and Ubuntu Big Swinging Dick [tm], he may yet appear here. Anyone else you want to see captioned in lolgeeks? Leave a comment …

Also, because I’ve had complaints, a warning from the Government Mental Health Advisory Council of America and Europe: NOES EATING WHILES LOOKING AT THE ERIC RAYMOND PIC OR UR HED WIL ‘PLODE N VOMET COME OUT UR NOSES. K? Of course, if I really cared about your mental health, I’d put this warning on the picture instead of giving you two links to it.

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