Bulk Email Solution For InMarket Data.

Import and Send email campaigns to your email lists
without the fear of getting shutdown.

Smart Tags

Superior Way To Spin Your Campaigns. spin Sender Name, Send From Email, subject line, preheader and every part in campaign body.

List Import

No Questions Or Reviews!
You Want To Import?!
What Are You Waiting For?
Go And Import!

SMTP Rotation

Stealth Soldiers will never “expose” your Master IP or Domain. Control the sending speed, force sender, force reply email and attach a specific project to a specific Campaign.

Smart Scrub

7 layers of email hygiene.
No more having to go to different scrubbing services to upload and download It’s all here in one place. Your one stop shop!

Once Your Order Is Completed


Create A List.

Create a new mailing list and fill-in your sender name and address
(can-spam information.)


Create Automated Email Sequence.

Start creating your email campaigns with a super simple campaign editor or use the SmartTags feature to spin any part of your email campaign content, Set-up the time trigger and click Save.


Import Your Data.

No restrictions! No BS!
You can import any time without getting reviewed or suspended.

*Your work is done! The system automation will takeover and run the next steps.


Smart Scrub

When you start the import process the system will first validate, verify and clean your email list from screamers, hard bounce, spam-traps, honey-pots and more... 
7 layers of cleaning that also include 4 of the best email hygiene companies in our industry. Cleaning your list with just one company menas you are checking against only ONE database, With SmartScrub you will check agaist 7! Smart, right? :) 


MX Dripper

The dripper will run an MX Check for each email on your import file, next, the system Split the emails into MX families, When I say families I mean email service providers with the same “owner” Let's take Outlook family for example, Outlook MX are the same for Live, MSN, Outlook and Hotmail. So if we would set the limits by domain we will send 4 times to the same MX and get blocked without even knowing.
With MX DRIPPER it will not happen. Amazing right?


#Roco Method

Raw - Open - Click - Optin
Starts with Raw data (CSV file Import or data feed) Turn leads into buyers.
Raw Segment - The goal is simply get the subscriber to Open an email.
Open Segment - Once they open, You'll create more smart Campaigns that targets them to Click.
Click Segment - The goal then becomes to make them Optin or to send them directly to your offer.
Optin Segment - This is where the relationship building can truly comence.


$ 497.99 per month
  • Email Credits: 250,000
  • Sending Domains: 5
  • No Suspension
  • *Concierge Service ($497 one time setup fee)
  • $497 + $497.99 = $994.99


$ 1497.99 per month
  • Email Credits: 1,000,000
  • Sending Domains: 10
  • No Suspension
  • *Concierge Service ($497 one time setup fee)
  • $497 + $1497.99 = $1994.99


$ 2497.99 per month
  • Email Credits: 2,000,000
  • Sending Domains: 20
  • No Suspension
  • *Concierge Service ($497 one time setup fee)
  • $497 + $2497.99 = $2994.99

Concierge Service

Here you'll never hear "You can't email that" Or "The issue is not on our side talk with the other company the issue is on their side" Full solution with 0 excuses!

* For all our plans, we have a one-time set-up fee of $497
We install our software and set-up all your sending domains to make sure your system is running the way it should be on the first day of operation.


Techy Stuff

We'll do all the complex techy stuff for you, Install your email system and also Monitor your systems to make sure everything is working perfect.


List hygiene. 

We will make sure your list is getting validated, verified and cleaned with multiple hygiene layers that will keep your server safe.



Together we will go over your email marketing plan and provide valuble tips to turn your client marketing plan from OK to Awesome!


Email Reputation

Our team will monitor your sending IPs and domains 24/7, Checking send-score and blacklist status and taking actions based on the results.

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